About Us

In a region where size matters, UM's network presence in all MENAT markets in addition to our large client portfolio are key to staying competitive. Our scale allows us to invest in people, resources, systems, and tools to create Moments that matter and drive a competitive advantage for our clients.


We absolutely love to plan and buy media.

It is in our DNA and UM is recognised as the most effective media buyer in the region.

Blending science and art, UM connects the biggest brands in the region with their consumers, in Moments that matter the most.


UM Society offers a highly integrated social service as part of our Social@Heart™ philosophy.

Specialising in Strategy, Content, Community Management and rich Insights we offer a perfect balance of people with best-in-class tools to provide innovative, always on, social media solutions.

Our real-time insight monitoring and Studio allows us to create content and connections in real time, all the time.


Digital permeates everything we do at UM and is integrated within all our media and communications plans. Performance drives our digital work and execution and we utilise the latest technology, data and programmatic solutions to deliver amazing results.


Content connects brands with consumers transcending media, social, technology and digital.

UM Studios is an integrated, idea-based practice that prioritises a storytelling approach for a brand’s content. We produce groundbreaking work through collaboration with the best creators, focusing on strategy, creation and distribution to deliver ROI driven results for all our brands.


UM Labs is designed to breathe innovation into a brands’ existence by accelerating ideas that bring media-as-innovation to life.

A revolutionary team, catalysing new ways of implementing innovation and technology which drives solutions to our partners and injects digital novelties at the right moment.


Measuring the success of every campaign has never mattered more.

We take all big data points and using our proprietary Brand Analytics Engine (BAE™), our data scientists translate this into predictive brand planning.

This gives our clients better insights, increased consumer engagement, and more effective communication solutions.

Big data made smarter.


At UM we know how to create content and work with partners and suppliers to bring ideas to life. Pixel by pixel we build amazing content solutions which work in all digital and social channels and across all media.